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Hillcrest Park Fullerton Wedding Photography

Wow, I had no idea how nice the Hillcrest Park in Fullerton was. It is beautiful and secluded and makes for a great wedding venue!

hillcrest park
Hillcrest Park, Fullerton, California 92831

Hillcrest Park 01Hillcrest Park 02Hillcrest Park 03Hillcrest Park 04Hillcrest Park 05Hillcrest Park 06Hillcrest Park 07Hillcrest Park 08Hillcrest Park 09Hillcrest Park 10Hillcrest Park 18Hillcrest Park 12Hillcrest Park 13Hillcrest Park 14Hillcrest Park 15Hillcrest Park 16Hillcrest Park 11Hillcrest Park 17Hillcrest Park 19hillcrest Park 22hillcrest Park 23Hillcrest Park 21hillcrest Park 25hillcrest Park 26hillcrest Park 24hillcrest Park 27

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  1. Delicia Hernandez

    I just came across the Hillcrest Recreational Park. and i LOVED IT!!
    We are planning our wedding and i am having a Vintage theme and cant think of anywhere else that would be a perfect match. After looking at these pictures i made up my mind. The weddign photos will be amazing and their is plenty of room for dancing and guests.

    • Tatyana

      Sara Mow – OMG Mike and I love them!!! It was such a fun photo shoot! can’t wait to see the rest. It was so torturous to think about the post all the way to North Carolina! Thanks guys!

  2. Sergio

    The few pictures you have poetsd here yesterday are truly exceptional. From the few meetings (pre-wedding in Tennille’s absence) with you you showed true professionalism & organizational skills. You arrived at our home in Westville knew exactly what you wanted in pictures and went right to it You kept Tennille calm & collective and of course ignored the heat wave that overcame us that day (especially in church whew!!)and many outdoor pictures taken The pictures are truly beautiful, and I just can’t wait to see the remainder of them You are definitely highly recommended in my books

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