Southern California has a plethora of beautiful parks, beaches, and urban areas. We compiled a list of our favorite locations in Orange County and Los Angeles County.

For all our shoots, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND shooting on a weekday. Since these locations are hotspots during weekends, it can get overcrowded so parking and traffic can be a headache. Chances are good that you will get strangers in your frame.

Early morning or late afternoon are the best times to shoot because the light will be soft. We like shooting 2 hours before sunset to get that soft, magical light!

Here are 5 tips to ensure the best esess ever!


we want you to look your best!

We highly recommend getting your hair and makeup done by a professional. Not only will you look amazing, but the extra confidence will shine through your photos! Most clients will want to share these photos on social media and some clients will use the images for save the date cards and/or a display at the wedding.

It may feel or look like you have too much make-up on but don't worry! It'll look great on-camera :)


Stylish fitted clothing is the way to go

Be you. Be bold. You should wear something that will make you feel confident. Stylish clothing is always the way to go. Your outfit should also be location appropriate. If the environment is trendy and fun, play up your outfit. If its more urban, perhaps something a little dressier might work.

We suggest that you think of your outfits as an ensemble. If you were to lay both your outfits out on the floor would they go or would they clash? Think of complimenting and not matching. Skip boring monochromatic outfits and wear colors that look great on you. We love a pop in color! Whether it be your dress, socks or shoes, color brings excitement and fun.


A lot of laughing please

This session is about you and how you two make each other feel. Be relaxed and be yourselves. Let your guard down and show each other some love! We’ll do all that we can to help you feel comfortable, and from there it’s up to you to let loose. We will guide you and direct you to hold hands, make each other laugh, give hugs and kisses, look into each other eyes. When you’re having fun, those emotions will shine through your photos!



Whether it be a “downtown coffee date” or “a picnic on the rolling hills“, themes are great when you want to tell a story through your photos. If bringing props, remember to be context appropriate. Bringing balloons to a coffee shop would look out of place! If bringing a lot of props (picnic scene, dogs, etc.) we highly recommend you bring a friend to help.

Keep in mind that our engagement sessions are 2 hours long so try sticking with a single narrative.


Get everything you need ready couple days before the big day. Get plenty of rest the night before so you won’t be tired or cranky.

On the drive to your session, crank up your favorite songs and be in the mood to smile and laugh. Be 10 minutes early so we can start right on time without feeling rushed.


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