“Here is my review in short. . . . Honestly if you need a photographer for whatever occasion you are having, Perpixel is your best bet. They are creative in getting that shot you want. I was very pleased with the photography he delivers. I couldn’t be more happy with his work, personality and overwork ethic. This guy knows what he’s doing and I can guarantee you will be overjoyed with the pictures you get back. Stop looking now around this is the one you’re looking for.”  -Annabelle & Jason

“It’s been almost a year since our wedding and I still find myself looking back at the pictures Perpixel Photography took for us just to relive the moment!  (The pictures are THAT amazing for me to leave a review under my husband’s yelp account so other brides can benefit from my experience!)  My husband and I are grateful we found the perfect photographer to capture the memory of such an important day.  James is truly incredible in taking the right candid shots, even making the awkwardest couples like us actually look amazing on camera! With all the stress wedding planning brings, working with James was a relief.  Despite everything at our wedding running late, he wasn’t in a rush to leave and even stayed later to get a couple more shots of us.  He was prompt, responsive, and efficient with his work and his lively, fun personality really made the whole process enjoyable.  Even after the wedding (and after he was fully paid), he really took the time to converse with us so that we could get quality copies of the pictures we really wanted. If you’re looking for a photographer, you’ll be convinced Perpixel is the way to go after one consultation with James and a few minutes of browsing through his portfolio!” -Sarah & Waley

“There are so many POSITIVE things I can say about James! Our original photographer for our wedding had backed out and along came James! I definitely think it was meant to be, we immediately clicked with him! He’s so talented and did such a great job on our engagement shoot and wedding pictures!
His pictures are so clean and raw, but yet so much character.  He’s able to capture moments and connect with the couple! And he knows exactly what he’s looking for, and for those who don’t know how to really pose, he makes you feel comfortable in posing. We love him so much that we’re doing an encore sess with him soon! And can’t wait to do more future shoots with him!” -Frank & Caroline

“I don’t even know where to begin….
James is absolutely amazing at what he does. He is the easiest person to talk to, super understanding and friendly. You will be dealing with A LOT of cold people when planning your wedding but speaking to James was always a breath of fresh air for my husband and I. He put us at ease and even made my fiance (at the time) feel comfortable in front of the camera. I can’t speak highly enough about him. The best $ you’ll ever spend on one of the most memorable days of your life!!” -Laurie & James

“James’ work speaks for itself, but that’s not why you will love him. You’ll love him because he’s one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He is supremely patient, kind, and gives great feedback on your ideas (photo related or not). He was like a pocket wedding planner for us. It’s rare enough to find someone with this much talent; it’s rarer still to find so genuinely nice.” -Adrian & Mike

“All I can say is that James is a true artist! He captured every moment at my wedding perfectly–from my engagement photos to the reception! He thought beyond the box and did amazing shots for us, not the boring traditional shots. He was professional and thoughtful about everything he did. He gets to know his clients and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. He will do anything to get the perfect shot! He is worth every penny and then some! I can’t wait to work with him again in the future.” -Angie & Godfrey

“I was stunned when my wife and I received our wedding albums from James. Like most of the grooms that I know, I was only mainly concerned about the dollar figures that went into the wedding. I did not understand why my wife wanted to spend a lot of money on a wedding photographer. However, during the wedding, I saw how difficult is to capture “that beautiful moment” in such chaotic setting. James kept his cool and captured some of the best moments I have ever seen.” -Angela & Steve

“The pictures are breathtaking and your words were so kind. My words cannot do justice for the appreciation and gratitude I have for you. God was truly looking out for me and blessed me beyond belief when he allowed you to be my photographer. The way you captured my wedding is exactly how I have always wanted my wedding to be remembered. So many people have complimented your work and are just amazed. You are very talented and I hope to work with you as my family grows. I cannot thank you enough.” -Jessica & Erik


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